What daily Juice deals do you offer for local residents? 

​For Daily Juice Deals please choose your juice deal & place your order online herehttps://linktr.ee/SankofaKornerJuicery

Secure Ordering & Payment Options

All payments will go through our couriers secure platform or our facility's kiosk when ordering Raw Juice to ToGo.

Returns & Refunds

Because our juice is a perishable item we do not offer refunds on orders. If there was any issue with your order or your drinks please email us at Admin@SankofaKorner.com and we will handle the situation as we see fit. 

Are your juices 100% natural ? 

Yes. Our juices are made with 100% produce. All of the contents inside each juice are raw & have no preservatives or added sugars.

What does it mean when my juice separates? 

Keep calm, shake and sip! separation is completely normal with fresh juice. 

How long does juice last?

All of our juices at Sankofa Korner are raw & unpasteurized. It is important that they are refrigerated upon delivery and until prior to your consumption. All of our juices retain their nutritional peak value for up to 1-5 days. If you decide not to consume your juice within 5 days, our raw juice will last up to 6 months in the freezer. 

 Do I have to be home for my delivery ?

Since our juices are highly perishable and need to be refrigerated immediately, it is important that someone is there to receive the delivery. If our driver arrives and no one is home they will attempt to call you to inform you that your package is delivered. Sankofa Korner is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged goods once delivered.​

What are the possible benefits of a juice detoxification?
  1. Influx of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients from fruits and vegetables

  2. Cleanses body of many toxins

  3. Gives a break from the most energy consuming bodily function while at rest - digestion

  4. Deep tissue cleanse and nourishment allows for healthier hair and skin

  5. Builds self-discipline

  6. Helps break bad food addictions

  7. Helps be more in tune with your body

  8. For many, reduces the overall caloric intake which helps shed excess weight (There are minimal empty calories in the juice unlike those found in many solid foods. This fuels the body efficiently without a need for a larger caloric intake.)

  9. Concentrated form of anti-oxidants which have been shown to strengthen the immune system​

Can I work out during a juice detox?

Many people do on a short juice fast of seven days or fewer. The saved energy from the absence of digestion can be redirected towards working out. However, listen to your body. Some people prefer to give their body a break from exercise or strenuous physical activities during the detoxification process.

What about protein?

Protein is an important part of our body structure. How it is taken in the body is the important matter to focus on. Amino acids are what the body requires. Plants and fruit have all the required amino acids to build the protein that the body needs. Although it can be used as such, the body does not require protein to make protein. It requires amino acids to make protein. Furthermore, many people consume entirely too much protein. In doing so, the excess protein is stored in the body as fat or toxic waste. That is one major violation of a detoxification. Protein is also the most complex of all food elements, and is the hardest for the body to break down. When too much is consumed, the body expends much energy to break it down and digest it. That is another major violation of a detoxification, and it often leaves the body feeling sluggish. Think of some the strongest animals in the world: elephants, horses, buffalo, and gorillas. What do they eat? Vegetation and fruit.

How much water should I consume on a detox?

We recommend a gallon a day. Many people commonly mistake thirst for hunger. On a Juice fast, an unnecessary feeling of hunger can be very unpleasant. Also, many people will feel faint and get headaches when enough water is not consumed, but for starters use this formula: 

Body weight ➗ in half 

That number ➗ by 16.9 = number of fluid ounces needed.

**These are just estimates of random figures, please listen to your body and drink plenty of water.

How long can I detox?

It varies from person to person. People with detoxing experience have been known to detox for several weeks, and even months. However, if you are new to it, you may just want to try 1-4 days. Then give yourself a break, and then try for a longer period next time. It is very important to listen to your body. Please also consult a physician for the proper amount of days to detox.

How often can I detox?

Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly There are no wrong answers. It is up to you, and what is best for your body. Again, this is another question that requires a physician's guidance.

Can I take medication while detoxing?

Juice detoxifications are designed to rid your body of all unnatural substances including those found in medication. If you are scheduled or planning to take any medication, please consult with your physician.

When is a good time to detox?

 1. Pick a time when you will not have to sacrifice major social behavior. For example, the week of Thanksgiving may not be the best choice.

 2. Pick a time when you will remain busy. It has often been said that idle time is the devils workshop. The same thought process applies here. Sitting around thinking about eating solid foods is not ideal. Choose a busy week at work, or plan many activities that will keep your mind busy.

How long should I juice detox or cleanse, and what should I expect?

Day 1  It is similar to the first time back in the gym after taking time off. One day should help get the body back on track. A one-day detox is good for maintenance after reaching a desired goal. It is also a great way to sample the program.

Day 2  For most, the second day is the toughest of the entire regimen as the body fights heightened withdrawal from normal eating habits. Two days of detoxing is also recommended for maintenance, or for first timers that are nervous about being able to complete three days or more.

Day 3  The third day is when the body typically adjusts to the detox. A majority of the toxins and waste in the body have now been expelled. Each sip of juice sends a heightened burst of energy into the system. With a near empty digestive system, the body feels rejuvenated, many sleep much better, and the body uses the saved energy from the lack of digestion towards other physical activity. This is generally considered to be the easiest day of the detox.

Day 4  Completion of the fourth day starts to realize even greater benefits. Cleansing continues internally as well as penetrating deeper into the skin. Unhealthy eating habits, food addictions, and cravings are usually broken by now.

5 days or more  Generally reserved for those with juice detoxification and cleansing experience. This is the next level of detoxification. Most are now fully in tune with their body. Not all has been cleansed in 4 days or less. Further benefits are realized with each added day. Many that complete this regimen can truly say that they have accomplished a lifestyle change. Besides further physiological benefits, many now enjoy an elevated spiritual experience with advanced mental and emotional benefits.

Why are Electrolytes so important?

When the kidneys are functioning properly, they are able to regulate concentrations of these vital minerals, in conjunction with fluid levels in the body. As we go about the day, and particularly when we exercise, much of the body’s precious fluids (and mineral electrolytes) are lost. We can also lose these vital salts through urination, vomiting, going to the bathroom (especially diarrhea), and through the liquid content of wounds.

 When we sweat, we are particularly apt to lose the minerals sodium, potassium and chloride. This is why athletes are so concerned with replenishing electrolytes after a strenuous workout. In fact, all of the major fluids of the body require large amounts of potassium to function, and 90% of the body’s potassium lies within the cellular walls. For this reason, it is essential to replenish these electrolytes on a daily basis through intake of clean fluids and foods. 

When we expend sweat and lose these vital minerals, we need to replenish, not only with water but with minerals. If we combine intake of fluids with electrolytes, we will actually hydrate quicker, as water follows electrolytes. Moreover, taking in electrolytes like sodium reduces the amount of water lost in urination, allowing the fluids to be more readily absorbed back into the muscles, tissue and nerves.

Will I be hungry on a juice detox?

Most people feel a hunger sensation at some point in the detoxification period. However, it is important not to confuse this with being malnourished. The juice provided gives plenty of needed nourishment. Also, many confuse dehydration for hunger, so please make sure to consume plenty of water. A gallon a day is strongly recommended, but make sure to drink 64 oz at a very minimum. As the days pass, the body adjusts and the hunger sensations diminish. For many, they completely disappear.

is it ok to drink coffee, alcohol, carbonated beverages, reduced calorie drinks, etc. while detoxing?

No. Again, this negates the purpose of detoxifying the system of excess toxins. This is a time to revitalize and heal the body.

What should I do after completing the detox?

  • Afterward, continue a healthy lifestyle ensuring enough fruit, vegetables, and fruit and vegetable juice. 
  • Upon completing your detoxification, reintroduce solid food by first eating only raw fruits and vegetables. Afterward, gradually incorporate grains, meat, and dairy products if so desired.
  • Minimize servings of fried or processed foods. If you are reintroducing them to your system, do so moderately.
  • Drink plenty of water.
What is the shelf life of each bottle of juice?
The shelf life is 3-5 days from delivery date.  Partially Thawed ShipmentsIf your order arrives partially thawed, no problem. As long as there is still frozen product in the bottle, you can simply refreeze it. Or just place it in the refrigerator if you plan on consuming within three days.
  • 100% recyclable insulated shipping container and packaging materials to ensure your order arrives fresh.
  •  Food safe, FDA approved PET bottles with tamper-proof caps made with all virgin materials.
  •  Everything we send you is completely recyclable and reusable 

 Juice Preparation: 

We strive for INTEGRITY 
When retention of nutritional components is a concern, freezing is probably the most effective preservation method when properly done. Let’s compare freezing to other juice preservation methods:
  •  Bottled Store Bought – Almost all store bought juice has been pasteurized to kill off enzymes that cause spoilage. The problem is that the pasteurization process also kills beneficial enzymes and destroys most of the nutritional content of the juice. Pasteurization in effect “kills” the juice. Also, most store bought juice is not made from organic produce. During a cleanse, it is very important to not ingest pesticides and other toxic substances present in non-organic produce.
  •  Frozen Store Bought – Prior to freezing, store bought frozen juice has been pasteurized. Also, most store bought frozen juice is not made from organic produce.
 Because juicing breaks down fruits and vegetable to such tiny parts, nutrients are lost very quickly after juicing. Juice is very perishable. It is critical that juice is consumed immediately after juicing or that it is frozen to preserve enzyme, mineral, phytonutrient, vitamin, chlorophyll, and lipid content. The freezing process has no effect on the nutrients of fruits and vegetables. Freezing is the best option to get fresh juices from us to you without compromising its nutritional integrity and giving you the convenience of not having to consume all of the juices right away. Research regarding freezing and enzyme activity says that freezing does not destroy enzymes. Freezing is one of the oldest, widest used, and effective types of food preservation methods available. It is the same ancient technology that preserves living cells found in extinct animals that have been frozen for tens-of-thousands of years.For food, freezing inactivates any microbes — bacteria, yeasts, and molds — present in food and prevents the growth of microorganisms that cause both food spoilage and foodborne illness.