You know what makes a great fire starter? Recipe books and diet plans. That's right, I said it. Burn THEM!


FACT: 95% of the people who diet end up relapsing within months or a few years. DIEts don't work!

"I don't have enough time."

"It's in my genes."

"I love food too much."

"That will never be me."

"I don't know where to start." 

"I need more recipes."

"I have to eat boring salads all day to lose weight."

"Eating healthy costs too much."

Is this you? Talking yourself out of your own blessings? This was definitely me years ago. 

Who are you? 

You're a powerhouse spirit with ambition and goals. You're blazing the trail of success and but you struggle with confidence, maybe are a low-key sugar and carb addict, sometimes struggle with energy- especially midday, can't seem to "find yourself" in the midst of juggling the demands of your career, family, and kids. You scroll through social media admiring what you think the "perfect body" is. Finding that "inner glow" and accessing that vibrant younger you is a dream, but never achievable, because hey... it's in your genes anyway and this is just life now.  As a full-time clinician,  business owner of multiple businesses , I barely had time to breath, and when I did take moments for "me time", it was usually jamming cookies down my throat followed by a guilt trip and sugar crash, only to repeat the cycle of self-sabotage. "Tomorrow I will start." Well, tomorrow took years. Can you relate?

Who am I ?


















I help successful powerhouse men & women design a healthy balanced high-vibrational lifestyle + detox + lose weight so they can show up confident + glowing like a boss.


I am a Traditional Naturopath Clinician that specializes in Audiological care. I am also a  Holistic Lifestyle Coach that offers a holistic approach to healing and passionately believe in the power of the body to heal naturally. I began my health journey over a decade ago. After fighting mental health issues, battling insecurities, and hating the skin I lived in this left me nearly needing a blood transfusion from dangerously low iron levels and blood sugar issues,The last straw for me was when one day I woke up with hives all over my body! They were itchy, irritable, and made me feel even worse that ever! This was so strange because I never had a known allergy. Then I realized that the hives were a representation of what was happening with my body on the inside- The amount of junk food and sugar I consumed literally irritated my body so bad, that it broke out!

I knew I needed to do something and fast. After years of trial and error, I healed myself from chronic health issues nearly a decade ago with a whole foods focused plant-based lifestyle with a primary focus on live/raw and alkaline foods, and have helped others do the same without spending hours in the kitchen everyday or giving up what they love- FOOD! If you're looking for a longterm solution to reach your health and wellness goals, transform your life for the long-term with results from day one, you're in the right place. I've worked privately with clients and have traveled the globe teaching my methods of intuitive wellness and I poured my decades of wisdom, trial and error, my heart and my passion into developing my

SANKOFA F.I.T.  (Food Integrative Training) Weight loss Signature Program for my clients. 

Are you ready to take your health higher?

Are you ready to access your higher potential and take your power and health back?


Are you ready to get that radiant glow back, reconnect with soul and feel and look your best?

Let me help you get out of your own way. It's never too late to take action- consider this your sign. It's your time. 

I got you! Check out my "done for you" seasonal detox programs by clicking below.  

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